TrophÈe Andros 2017-2018 - Comtoyou. Utilisation presse pour Comtoyou. Contact : Bernard BAKALIAN - PAB +33145577466 _A9L4601 Andorre - 20171215 B_Bakalian

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! Last weekend was my final race of the year, the Trophée Andros in Andorra. Sadly, the weekend did not go as we expected, so it’ll be our joker race for the championship.

Practice and first qualifying went reasonably well on day one, I prepared some tyres and I was setting competitive lap times. In second qualifying however, I had no grip as there was a mistake with the tyre setup, leaving me seventh.

In the race, I made a good start passing Stievenart, but when trying to pass Ballas around the outside at the Parabolica, I made contact with the wall and the race was over.

The Comtoyou Racing crew did a great job repairing the car for day two, so in qualifying one I was quite cautious which lost me time, and in the second session I just missed out on the front row after pushing the spiked tyres too much.

In the race, we had some good tyres left over, so I wanted to get the car home safely, and also get our confidence back. My aim was to set the fastest lap to take points away from my rivals, which I managed to do, going more and a second faster than anyone else.

It was a frustrating end to the 2017 season, but I’m looking forward to being back in the car in the New Year!

© Bernard Bakalian / Divergence Images